Friday, 23 March 2012

Style Icon of The Week-Ashley Madekwe

Animal print.

Wow!I can't express how much I'm loving these studded animal print cute!

Talk about a hot leather skirt...awesome!
I rocked a similar look today and from people's comments,I think I looked great!I'll be sharing the photos with you soon.
This look is for those who feel like being quirky but at the same time stylish.

I have similar pants and for the longest time...i had no idea of how to style them...but not anymore.I'll also be sharing photos of the same pretty soon.
I love pastels...and more specifically this color.I'd die for this pair.

Being a blogger,Ashley has become sort of an inspiration for me.She is an influencial trendsetter and has been spotted donning trends from animal prints,pleats,neons,pastels,sheers to her famous and most favourite;skirts.

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