Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How To Dress Up In Peplum

Peplum Look: #1

Kate ''the duchess'' Middleton loves her peplum.

Get the look~As Styled by S



So this look is elegant,chic,preppy and trendy since it encompasses both the polka-dot and color-block trends that have quite caught on this season.Blending in different bright colors makes the outfit pop out.However you should lay back on the make up and keep it simple so as not to draw attention away from the outfit.Also the length of your overlay should be preferably cropped so as to keep the peplum detail in view.

Peplum Look: #2

 Pastels and floral are also among the trending looks in 2012.This top is made out of scarf material and is pretty light for hot days.The maroon tote adds edge to the outfit and breaks the color thereby bringing an interesting aspect to the outfit.

Peplum Look: #3

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 We all know how hot LEATHER is right now,and this fair trade african print peplum top is more than what you need to look edgy and stylish.The red satchel makes the outfit  pop.Big statement jewellery is the way to go.If you choose to wear this outfit for a night out,ditch the satchel and opt for a statement clutch such as a sequined one in scarlet and red lipstick.Also trade in the wedges for sexier heels.

Peplum Look: #4

Get the look~As Styled by S

I would die to have a leather peplum vest in my closet.Okay so I personally luv this look because it's preppy and kinda makes your personality pop without you doing much to show it.It's a fun look that I,and which you,should try out as well.

Peplum Look: #Five 

 Although Leighton Meester is not in a peplum outfit,I was inspired by what she was wearing to create a similar look in peplum shorts;check it out.

Get the look~As Styled by S

 I chose the concept of colour blocking to feature in  this well as mising prints.I think it would work perfectly for a coffee date or lunch out with the girls.Make up and jewellery should be minimal.

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